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"Death" animated


"Death" animated

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Hollow by SheWalksInSilence


Hollow by SheWalksInSilence

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Yasumoto: Speaking of cicadas, today, I went to the studio while riding my bike. Then while I was waiting for the traffic lights to change, a cicada landed on my thigh. In the past, I was totally okay with bugs, but now, I’m seriously afraid of them! 

Kaji: Yasumoto-san, you’re afraid of bugs!? 

Yasumoto: I’m scared of them! I’m not a “mushi-king!” I’m a “no mushi-king”!

Maeno: “No mushi-king”?! I think that’s normal for people though.

Yasumoto: And so, the cicada landed on my thigh, and then, at that moment, even though I’m already an adult at the nice ripe age of 32 years, I went all “hiyaaaah~!” 

Maeno: In a girly voice?!

Kaji: This is the first time I’ve heard that kind of voice from you!

Yasumoto: I was so scared, it suddenly went buzzing in and landed on my thigh, so I went all “hiyaaaah~!”

Kaji: And then? What did you do?

Yasumoto: I just shook my thigh to make it fly off!

Kaji: You didn’t touch it?! You just shook it off?!

Maeno: So, did it fall off?

Yasumoto: It went buzzing to fly off again!

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"A writer is a world trapped in a person."

- Victor Hugo (via sherloce)

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